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Bill Moss Jr. Change My Heart

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With yet another dynamic contribution from his sophomore album "Songbook of Praise and Worship-Live w/Third New Hope", esteemed Gospel Psalmist, Bill Moss, Jr., ushers the Worshiper into an introspective space of prayer for total transformation and healing of Sin, that is a truly relatable place for many Believers. With this latest chart-rising single, "Change My Heart", is a follow-up to his recent Nielsen/BDS Charted songs to include fan favorites: "Celebrate Our King", "Your Will" (featuring duet with brother- J Moss), and "I'm Changed". Bill fervently cries out to the Lord to perform a work of correction, straight from the heart. The fusion of Bill's signature musical arrangements, along with powerful lyrics like, "...God's Well of love will never run dry...all you have to simply say is heart", makes this new single a simple, yet impactful plea to be stored in the heart of every Believer who feels like they have lost their way along the journey, and may have fallen too deep into Sin....that God's Love, Mercy, & Grace is still always there waiting with open arms for restoration! Available at ALL Digital Outlets.

Artist: Bill Moss, Jr.
Single: "Change My Heart"
ISRC Code: USVS 31553894
UPC Code: 688981149729
Label: Salathiel Records
Publishing: Dunns River/BMI
Words & Music By: Bill Moss, Jr. & Glyne Griffth
CD Title: "Songbook of Praise & Worship" LIVE with Third New Hope

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