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Evangelist Lorraine Punch Baldwin I Have So Much To Thank God For

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DNMG (Dorothy Norwood Music Group) is proud to release the new single entitled, "I Have So Much To Thank God For," by Bishop Jonathan Greer featuring the legendary Evangelist Lorraine "Punch" Baldwin. This debut single from the soon to be released gospel compilation album "Pastor Jonathan Greer, Embraces the Legends."

This single is a song of gratitude, as there has never been a time that I needed God and he's never let me down. He never gave up on me and never said no. That's enough of a reason that every morning when I get up I have so say thank you. When I lay down at night I have to say thank You. Look at what thank you really means, every test, every trial, even though my loved one passed away, even in my bereavement I didn't lose my mind by just saying thank you, I have realized that I have too much to be thankful for.

Evangelist Lorraine "Punch" Baldwin, is no stranger to the gospel music industry, Punch Baldwin is best known for her work with the Georgia Mass Choir. She has placed her footprint in the gospel music industry and has paved the way for so many gospel artists. Her powerful vocals and anointed delivery have inspired so many artists and has deemed her as a Gospel Legend.

One of Punch's most memorable accomplishments was to record her first live recording entitled "Step Back and Let God Do It," featuring the world renown, Rev. Milton Biggham, founder and director of the Georgia Mass Choir (Grammy Award Winners). During the year of 2002, Punch became a member of the Georgia Mass Choir and has performed in several live recordings with the choir. On her first recording with the choir, she was the featured lead vocalist on two selections on their album, one of which is entitled "Bye and Bye." This song grew in popularity to be the #1 hit song on the album. The music of Bishop Jonathan Greer is available online at your favorite digital outlets.

Artist: Bishop Jonathan Greer feat Evangelist Lorraine Punch Baldwin
Song Title: " I Have So Much To Thank God For"

Label: Dorothy Norwood Music Group
Publishing: KG Productions/BMI
Writers: Eric Ayers & Dorothy Norwood
UPC Code: 194171233593
ISRC Code: USDY41999412

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